Digital Medical Records

What is a Digital Medical Record and how is it relevant in today’s time?

A Digital Medical Record also known as Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a digital version of your medical charts and diagnostic reports which can be accessed on your laptops, mobile phones, tablets or smart devices

The entire medical information of the patient such as the medical summaries, prescriptions from multiple doctors, diagnostic reports, x-ray films are processed and stored in a systematic matter, which makes it easier to retrieve and access the information from time-to-time.

In today’s world where all forms of technology is made accessible just with a click of a button. Having a digital medical record allows you to access all your medical information just under the click of a button. Additionally, having a digital medical record also saves crucial time of the patient and the doctor during medical emergencies or when the patient’s medical records have been fragmented.

Benefits of Having Digital Medical Record

  • A key benefit of maintaining a Digital Medical Record is to have all your medical information handy during medical emergencies and during follow-ups with multiple doctors to treat various conditions.
  • A digital medical record would contain all your medical information such as
    • Medical history
    • Diagnostic reports
    • Radiology images (x-ray films)
    • Prescriptions from multiple doctors
    • Medical summaries
    • Treatment plans
    • Immunization dates
    • Allergies
  • In individuals who visit multiple doctors to seek treatment for various medical conditions, a digital medical record informs the doctor of overburdened or repetitive use of the same medication.
  • During medical emergencies, having a digital medical record allows you to seek immediate medical care and saves crucial lag time in retrieval of medical information.
  • A handy digital medical record also plays a significant role in individuals who frequently travel outstations or abroad, seeking emergency medical care.
  • A digital medical record keeps the doctor, patient and the healthcare providers updated of the individuals medical needs from time-to-time.

E-Care Health Digital Record System: Ready to Access from the 46th Day

Upon registering with E-Care Health, each member would be issued an E-card. The members would then be subjected to a whole body check-up with the diagnostic centre associated with E-Care Health.

The associated diagnostic centre would then dispatch the medical reports from time-to-time to E-Care Health to develop the member’s digital health record. The average time period from becoming an E-Care Health member to creating the member’s Digital health record is 45 days. Thus, allowing a member to digitally access their medical records from the 46th day.

How is your Medical Information Protected?

To maintain high ethical practices in storing and retrieving of your medical information, E-Care Health is obliged to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of its members. To win your trust in keeping your medical information safe and untampered, each member could digitally access their medical information by providing their user id and password which would have an one-time-password (OTP) authentication.