E-Care Health Services To Members

With modern technology taking over all spheres of life, E-Care Health brings to you accessible and affordable healthcare services in your pocket. E-Care Health provides its members with all the personalized care and support to cater one’s medical and hospital needs, ambulatory and diagnostic services, supply of branded medicines on doctors prescription and doctor’s support in your locality---all under one service.

Making medical services accessible in your locality

  • E-Care Health to build a bridge between Doctor-Patient to make medical services accessible in your locality and the unreached areas.
  • E-Care Health to tie-up with clinics and hospitals in your locality to provide free healthcare services to its members.
  • E-Care Health centres would be setup in all District Headquarters and Mandal Revenue centres to provide 24/7 medical support.
  • All E-Care Health centres would have 24/7 support of well qualified and trained nurses and medical staff.
  • Pregnant women can seek the assistance of E-Care Health centres from their 3rd trimester or 7th month of pregnancy until the child turns one year of age.


  • All E-Care Health members would be provided with the best branded medicines on your doctor’s prescription.
  • Members earning less than or equal to INR 20,000/- per month or INR 2,40,000/- P.A could avail free medicines worth INR 4,000/- per month.
  • Members earning more than INR 20,000/- per month or INR 2,40,000/- P.A would get very good discounts on prescription medicines.

Diagnostic Services & Digital Health Records

  • Upon becoming an E-Care Health member, a whole body health check-up would be conducted.
  • The 100+ lab tests would be conducted with the associated diagnostic centre of E-Care Health.
  • Digital Health records would be created to make easy access of your medical records on your smart devices.
  • Your digital health records would be ready to access from the 46th day of becoming an E-Care Health member.

Ambulance Services

  • E-Care Health with a vision of providing quality healthcare to the unreached areas is envisioned to provide free ambulance services to its members in rural areas across India.
  • All the ambulances would be equipped with state-of-the-art Advanced Life Support (ALS) features to cater all medical emergencies to its members.
  • All the ambulances would be facilitated by video conferencing technology between the doctor and the ambulance staff to assist the emergency treatment.

Doctors Consultation

  • All E-Care Health members to get six free specialty consultations with their doctors.
  • Additionally, E-Care Health members to get fee exemption on consultation with surgeons.